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learning is our passion, well-being at work is our focus and helping others to thrive in every aspect of living is our mission.

Our Expertise

What we do

At Sentience Wellbeing we look after you and your employees with regards to their mental health and wellbeing so they can perform at their best.

When we are stress, overwhelmed and heading towards burnout our brains and bodies are in survival mode! Just trying to get through each day.  When this is the case the parts of our brain that we need for innovation, creativity, solving complex tasks and perspective are off line and we can't perform at our best.

A new deloitte survey released in April 2022 tells us more about the impact of poor mental health at work:

“We have seen poor mental health costs UK employers up to £56 billion a year, an increase of 25% in the cost of poor mental health to employers compared to 2019. Mental health issues are a strong driver for the ‘Great resignation’. Long hours, increased stress and job insecurity have had a detrimental impact on quality of life during the pandemic. People are leaving their jobs, re-evaluating their careers and changing occupations in large numbers."

Elizabeth Hampson, Deloitte director and author of ‘Mental health and employers: the case for investment - pandemic and beyond’

We are here to support your work place wellbeing culture move from strength to strength whether it be for individuals, managers supporting teams, or larger groups of all levels and roles.  Get in touch of more information. 

What our clients say...

Feedback from HR after a 'Mental Health and Wellbeing for Managers' Webinar:

I’ve just been speaking with a line manager who was on yesterday’s webinar, and he was mega impressed with it.  He said the information was really useful and the presenter was very engaging.  He said he had done lots of line manager training recently, and this was the best thing he had done so far’.

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