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Dandelion Parachute Seed


Words from an inspirational coaching client:

"To begin with I didn’t really know what to expect from my sessions with Lucy but after an initial meeting she talked me through the process and what to except which really put me at ease. Lucy created a really supportive environment which gave me the opportunity to reflect. She supported me with meaningful information and helped me pull together a toolkit of exercises that I can use day to day. 

Having Lucy as an independent person to be able to share thoughts and feelings with in a safe environment really helped and her encouragement and insight enabled me to make changes that benefited me not only in my work environment but in all aspects of life." 

Feedback from HR after a 'Mental Health and Wellbeing for Managers' Webinar:

I’ve just been speaking with a line manager who was on yesterday’s webinar, and he was mega impressed with it.  He said the information was really useful and the presenter was very engaging.  He said he had done lots of line manager training recently, and this was the best thing he had done so far’.

Feedback from a lovely coaching client after returning to work:

"Lucy’s coaching has completely changed my perspective.  On my return to work after my second maternity leave, I came back feeling lost and unsure of my professional capabilities and worth.  Thanks to Lucy’s insight, gentle questions and supportive approach, I have regained my confidence, found purpose and taken control of my career again'.

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